Tennessee Titans Betting Lines

This page is dedicated to everything that relates to Tennessee Titans betting lines. We will explain to the casual and beginning bettors a few styles of wagering as well as what to expect when visiting an online sportsbook. This could be for an online sportsbook that is operated in the state or one that is operated overseas. For the more experienced players, look near the end of the guide, which reviews online sports betting sites and even includes promotional codes so you can earn some extra free play.

Tennessee Titans BettingTitans game odds will be available all season long, even beginning in the preseason. You will be able to get in on the action early, with oddsmakers installing a number of lines for every Titans game on the schedule. No matter whether they are projected to win the AFC South or come in last place, you will always be able to bet on the Titans. With Mike Vrabel at the helm and a near playoff run in the 2018-2019 season, you can expect the coaching staff and players to be ready to bring the team to the next level.

Before we get into reviewing sportsbooks, let's take a look at a few betting examples. There are dozens of ways to wager on sporting events in Nashville, but we will focus on the main styles as these are the most popular for betting on the Titans.

Wagering Styles For NFL Betting

The three most common types of action are on the spread, the total points, and the moneyline. The spread is what you see when you watch sports shows that “favor” one team over the other. In an example, you may come across a betting line that looks like this: Titans -3.5 vs Colts +3.5. Here, betting on the Titans, or the favorite (as indicated by the minus sign), the Titans would have to win by 4 or more for a successful bet. If the Colts win the game outright or lose by less than 3, the bet will be graded as a loss.

For total points betting, also known as the over/under, you must select whether you think the combined score of both teams will be more or less than the estimation. In an example, a game between the Titans and Rams may have a combined over/under of 43 points. Bet the over if you believe 44 points or more will be scored by both teams. Likewise, bet the under if you believe 42 points or less will be scored by both teams. In this scenario, the game outcome could possibly hit the whole number 43 on the nose. In that case, all bets would be refunded, grading the wager as a “push”.

Betting on the moneyline is one of the easier ways to gamble and it can be very profitable if you are good at picking underdogs to win. There are no points given like betting the spread, rather you only need to pick who you believe will win the game. Favorites are shown with a minus sign just like in spread betting. Take this example: Titans +150 vs Jaguars -185. These three-digit numbers are a representation of a $100 ratio. Betting $100 on the Titans would return you $250 (your original wager, plus $150) should they win. Betting $185 on the Jaguars would return you $285 (your original wager, with an extra $100) should they win. Remember this is just a ratio! Most betting sites will allow for wagers as small as a few dollars or even a few cents.

Tennessee Titans Player Prop Bets

Short for proposition, prop bets on the Titans are selecting an event happening rather than the outcome of the game. Prop bets range form total yardage for a certain player, the number of catches, tackles, or even fumbles a player will have. Prop bets are heavily wagered on in the Super Bowl but are offered for every single Titans game. Take this example:

  • Titans RB Rushing Yards: Over/Under 89.5 Rushing Yards (-110)

This is a player prop for a certain Titans RB running back and whether or not he will rush for a certain number of yards. Bet this prop bet just like you would an over/under except the only thing that matters in the rushing yards. The (-110) next to the prop is the odds for the wager. Like the betting on the team to win straight-up, the moneyline is a representation of $100, where betting $110 would return you back $210 (your original bet, plus $100) should you choose successfully.

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Tennessee Titans Team Prop Bets

Everything you just learned from player prop bets can be transitioned right into team prop betting. Bookmakers may post odds for Titans team prop such as how many turnovers they will force, the total amount of points scored in the 1st half, or how many field goals they will hit. Take this example:

  • Tennessee Titans Total Offensive Yards: Over 349.5 (+130) or Under 349.5 (-150)

Though this over/under is set up like the player prop example, this one posts different odds. In this case, the Titans having less than 350 yards is the favorite and you would have to wager $150 to profit $100. Sometimes odds for props will be the standard (-110) while other times they can display a clear favorite and underdog.

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Live Betting On Tennessee Titans Games

Live betting on the Titans is another form of betting that you can do for their games. The majority of every game will have live betting action available to you – especially with the reputable sportsbooks we review below. Live betting allows you to take action on hundreds of betting lines that are constantly changing as the game progresses. You can find interactive props, point spreads, drive results, and so much more. Find the odds when things are going against the Titans way and you could see yourself making a larger payout than you could have originally expected.

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Other Ways To Wager On The Tennessee Titans

One of the other popular ways to wager on the Titans is with a futures wager. A futures wager will be a bet on the Titans to win the Super Bowl, AFC Championship, or even their division title. Futures wagers are enticing because of the fact that the payouts are high, and they are easy to understand. Like live betting, these odds change during the course of the season. You can use futures bets as a way to hedge your bets or as a way to put your faith in the Titans.

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Best Sites For Wagering On Titans Games

Check out the Tennessee sports betting sites we recommend for betting on Titans games as you will undoubtedly be pleased with what they have to offer. Whether it is BetOnline, Bovada, SportsBetting, BookMaker, or 5Dimes, you cannot go wrong. You will certainly find something you want to wager on when it comes to the Titans or any other NFL team and just know that these sites are not only legal, but they are safe, reliable, and have been in business for upwards of 20 years.

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