Tennessee Titans Betting Lines

In Tennessee there are two football teams that reign supreme. The Volunteers, and the Tennessee Titans. Tennessee is a state that certainly loves their football, and if you are on this page the chances are that you do too.

This page is dedicated to everything that relates to betting on the Tennessee Titans in the NFL. You will find out about the different Titans betting lines offered, as well as how to make a wager, and where you can find these betting lines at online sportsbooks.

Tennessee Titans BettingTitans game odds will be available all season long, even beginning in the preseason. You will be able to get in on the action early, with oddsmakers installing a number of lines for every Titans game on the schedule.

Weekly Betting Odds For Tennessee Titans Games

There are several game lines for for the Titans during the season where you can bet on their games. Game odds include betting on the point spread, betting the moneyline, and betting the the point total to the match up. These odds are available shortly following their previous game.

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Tennessee Titans Player Prop Bets

Prop betting lines for the Titans are formed for every game, and cover a wide range of outcomes. Of course, these player props can be relating to other outcomes during the season as well outside of a specific game. Check out an example below.

Tennessee Titans - Player Prop Examples

Chris Johnson Total Rushing Yards vs. Indianapolis Colts

This is a player prop for Titans running back Chris Johnson and whether or not he will rush for a certain yardage total versus AFC South division rival Indianapolis. In this case, it's over or under 89.5 yards. If Johnson rushes for 90 yards or more, then the over total takes it. If he rushes for 89 yards or less, then the under obviously wins. The payout on a betting line lie this in generally around even money.

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Tennessee Titans Team Prop Bets

Team prop betting odds for the Titans relate on a more general level to the team's performance each weeks, but do cover a wide range of outcomes as well. An example can be found below for a better idea.

Tennessee Titans - Team Prop Examples

Tennessee Titans Total Offensive Yards vs. Tennessee Titans

This is an example of a team prop for the Titans based on the offensive side of the ball and their total output. Essentially, the bet is asking whether or not Tennessee will eclipse 350 yards of offense or not. If they do, the 'over' total wins. If not, then the 'under' total wins.

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Live Betting On Tennessee Titans Games

Live betting on the Titans is another form of betting that you can do for their games. Not all of the Tennessee games will be eligible to do live betting, but there will be some of the games on the list of live odds. You can find interactive props, and point spreads set as the game progresses. Just about every online sportsbook is imploring a form of live betting.

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Other Ways To Wager On The Tennessee Titans

One of the other popular ways to wager on the Titans is with a futures wager. A futures wager will be a bet on the Titans to win the Super Bowl, AFC Championship, or even their division title. Futures wagers are enticing because of the fact that the payouts are high, and they are easy to understand.

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Best Sites For Wagering On Titans Games

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